:YOURS History

It might be quite the comprehensive adventure to check out what :YOURS is all about.

Of course you can take a look at our webshop to see what the :YOURS brand has to offer. To make you a little more familiar with our products, below we set out a timeline for you to see where we are coming from.

:YOURS Portfolio

:YOURS Summer Stamping Polish

:YOURS Summer Stamping Polish

The summer is :YOURS! After the succesful launch of the 9 :YOURS stamping polishes in January, we now add 4 more stamping polishes to brighten up the summer!

:YOURS Loves Tracey Lee

Tracey is back at it again!

Inspired by her roots, Tracey created these absolutely amazing stamping plates!

:YOURS Storage Box

Presenting the Storage Box.

The Storage box is the storage solution for all your :YOURS Stamping plates. It has several removable dividers, so you can organize the box just the way you like it. For easy opening and closing of the box, we used acrylic hinges and magnetics. The box is able to store over 100 :YOURS stamping plates.

:YOURS Stamping Polish

:YOURS Stamping Polish

We would not be :YOURS if we were not looking for perfection. So to give you the ultimate and seamless stamping experience, here is the :YOURS stamping polish. These revolutionary stamping polishes do not just fit in perfect in the :YOURS brand, the stamping polishes are essential for creating awesome nail art in the blink of an eye.

:YOURS Loves A Christmas Miracle

To create a unique set stamping plates for the 2018 holidays, we decided to ask all of the previously mentioned designer to give us some input and create 2 double sided, limited edition stamping plates. You will not be seeing these again soon. Well, maybe next year 🙂

:YOURS Loves An Awesome Autumn

How to get an awesome autumn? First thing, you need Winnie Huang (winnieisawesome). And there is no way to miss out on Tracey Lee! How should we complete this set? Let’s get ValĂ©rie Ducharme in there as well and get the latest three winners of the NTNA competition together to create 6 awesome stamping plates! That’s what happened:

YLV01 – Chaotic Mind
YLV02 – Spiritual Mystery
YLW01 – Marbles & Stones
YLW02 – Random Route
YLT04 – Off the Cuff
YLT05 – Design Medley

:YOURS Loves Summer Vibes

Let’s make it a hot summer a get Fee, Nataliya and Dee together to create 8 awesome stamping plates. Done:

YLN04 – Wild Soul
YLN05 – Namaste
YLN06 – The Element of Fire
YLD09 – Polish Perfect
YLD10 – Dress to Impress
YLF13 – Fineline Landscape
YLF14 – Artful Aperture
YLF15 – Models of Magic

:YOURS Loves Marian

Somehow we got a chance to work together with the Queen of Nails, Marian Newman! And her plates just scream MARIAN!

YLM01 – mannequin
YLM02 – charm of chains
YLM03 – royal
YLM04 – diamonds are forever

:YOURS Loves Winter Wonders

Another newcomer? Yes! Freshly crowned NTNA Tracey Lee joined the :YOURS team to create some gems! A total of 8 stamping plates (Tracey x3, John C Nguyen x3 and Dee x2) to brighten up the Holidays.

YLJ04 – Floral Stitch
YLJ05 – Winter Knits
YLJ06 – Snow Fall
YLT01 – Face Facts
YLT02 – In Good Hands
YLT03 – Shape Up
YLD07 – Square
YLD08 – Triangle

:YOURS Loves Autumn Noon

And again, we have ourselves a newcomer, superstar Nataliya Al Ta’ai! Together with Sascha Gossen, they created 3 stamping plates each:

YLN01 – Trendy Netting
YLN02 – Dotticure
YLN03 – Doodles
YLS30 – Mandala Mania
YLS31 – Figure Play
YLS32 – Shapes in Symphony

:YOURS Loves Summer Days

A full summer set containing 8 stamping plates, created by 3 different designers, including newcomer John C Nguyen:

  • Fee Wallace
  • Dee Timmer
  • John C Nguyen

:YOURS Loves Sascha Set 7

And here we have Sascha again! Back with another amazing set of four stamping plates:

YLS26 – Blooming Four
YLS27 – Is The Bar Okay
YLS28 – Sascha Rouge
YLS29 – Edgy Zebra

:YOURS HALO stamper

We had been working one this for ages. Not only did we want the HALO stamper to work perfectly, it also needed to look perfect. Here you go.

:YOURS Loves Lecenté

A collaboration between two awesome nail art brands, who would have seen that coming? Well, we love Lecenté and Maria (owner of Lecenté) loved the idea of making this happen. So she amazed us with these glitterish designs:

YLL02 – Feathertastic
YLL03 – Angular Six
YLL04 – Field of Flowers
YLL05 – Playful Four

:YOURS Loves Dee Queen of Hearts

As Dee stole the hearts of stamping fans, she designed a plate especially for that. It launched together with Anna’s set of stamping plates. Queen of Hearts

:YOURS Loves Anna Lee

Anna was our second international collaboration. She surprised us by getting to us with totally finished design, ready to go. It resulted in launching these plates:

YLA01 – Ru Yi
YLA02 – Butterfly Lace
YLA03 – Orient Blossoms
YLA04 – Zen Garden

:YOURS Loves Fee Set 2

2017 started with a bang by launching the second set of stamping plates designed by Fee Wallace. Fee really got the hang of stamping plates and designed these four plates:

YLF06 – Dots & Diamonds
YLF07 – Falling Floral
YLF08 – Sacred Shapes
YLF09 – Angular Fade

:YOURS Loves the Holidays

For the Holiday season of 2016, we created a set of 4 stamping plates. The plates were designed by:

  • Fee Wallace (Hipster Giftwrap, limited available)
  • Sascha Gossen (Decorations)
  • Dee Timmer (Winterful)
  • And a special mystery guest which later turned out to be LecentĂ© (Maria Cientanni with Fireworks, limited available)

:YOURS Loves Dee Fabulous Fall

Together with set numero six coming from Sascha, Dee created this awesome autumn plate, Fabulous Fall.

:YOURS Loves Sascha Set 6

At this point, we are already at the sixth set we created together with Sascha Gossen! And again, she created 4 amazing designs:

YLS21 – Lovely Liquids
YLS22 – Rhythmic Riddles
YLS23 – Gorgeous Gypsy
YLS24 – Peaceful Pleasure

:YOURS Loves Dee

The very first plate designed by our co founder, Dieuwertje ‘Dee’ Timmer was Butterfly Baby. It launched together with the first set of :YOURS Loves Fee.

:YOURS Loves Fee Set 1

The very first time we worked together internationally was when Fee Wallace said yes to our proposal of collaborating. And we just love Fee!

The 1st :YOURS Loves Fee set exists out of:

YLF01 – Modern Geometry
YLF02 – Twisted Garden
YLF03 – Mindful Mandala
YLF04 – Vintage Lace

:YOURS Loves Sascha Set 5

The fifth set of 4 stamping plates we created together with Sascha Gossen, contained these plates:

YLS17 – Mechanical Madness
YLS18 – Tropical Treat
YLS19 – Summer Sale
YLS20 – Nautical Mile

:YOURS Loves Sascha Set 4

The fourth set of :YOURS Loves Sascha contained these 4 stamping plates:

YLS13 – Make the Music
YLS14 – Flower Power
YLS15 – Latin Carpet
YLS16 – Fashion Vibe

:YOURS Classic Stamper

Our very first stamper with an amazing grip, great looks and extremely strong and easy to use silicone.

:YOURS Loves Sascha Set 3

The third set of 4 stamping plates, designed by Sascha Gossen:

YLS09 – Merry Stamping
YLS10 – Curly Carnival
YLS11 – Aim for the Stars
YLS12 – Natural Paradox

:YOURS Loves Sascha Set 2

The second set of :YOURS Loves Sascha stamping plates

YLS05 – Wild Skin
YLS06 – Rosa
YLS07 – Illusional
YLS08 – Hold My Purse

:YOURS Loves Sascha Set 1

The very first set of 4 stamping plates designed by Sascha Gossen

YLS01 – Corset in Heels
YLS02 – Mixture Me
YLS03 – Paisley Heaven
YLS04 – Zebra