yours loves tracey design medley

:YOURS Loves Tracey – Design Medley



:YOURS Loves Tracey – Design Medley

“This stamping plate has been inspired by Melli Mello. It offers a cross-cultural range of prints and patterns which when combined create interesting and fashionable designs. Use the elements individually or dare to layer to create your own “Design Medley”.” – Tracey Lee

Let’s layer some designs! There is enough awesomeness over here to create the coolest design, please show us yours.

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:YOURS Loves An Awesome Autumn

Yes, we love An Awesome Autumn! Because this set of stamping plates is triple A rated. Bringing you the absolute best by working together with the latest 3 winners of NAILS Next Top Nail Artist;

  • Winnie Huang (2016);
  • Tracey Lee (2017);
  • Valérie Ducharme (2018)

This autumn we will be bringing you 6 great stamping plates to make sure your nail art game will be just perfectly on par with the designs of your favourite artists. And they are bringing their A game.

We asked each of the NTNAs to create 2 stamping plates, so get ready for An Awesome Autumn.

Winnie Huang won the 2016 edition and has been showing you the most awesome nail art for over years now, hence ‘Winnie is Awesome’.

Tracey Lee was featured in our :YOURS Loves Winter Wonders collection and her creations enabled you to make fantastic nail art in just a few very easy steps.

Valérie has just blown everybody away with her amazing skills. Showing the world her unique way of handling nail art, we can’t wait to see how she will inspire you!

Let’s go and make this An Awesome Autumn.