:YOURS Loves… – Meet the designers

:YOURS Loves Winnie Huang

Huang won the 2016 edition and has been showing you the most awesome nail art for over years now, hence ‘Winnie is Awesome’.

Winnie Huang

Valérie Ducharme

:YOURS Loves Valérie Ducharme

Recently, we added Valerie to the :YOURS designing team! We are so fortunate to have another great nail artist in our colorful team! Already having launched 2 stamping plates with this designer, we can’t wait to see how she will inspire you further! Valérie won the Nails Next Top Nail Artist competition 2018.

Valerie Ducharme’s passion is education. She has high hopes of improving the way nails look and improving the way of teaching in Canada. Which is part of the reason she opened her academy in the spring.

A crowd of 600 nail professionals gathered on the eve of the Premiere Orlando to learn who would win the biggest title in the nail industry – Nails Next Top Nail Artist. Valerie Ducharme was crowned the winner of Season 5 in front of 24 fellow techs from Quebec, international beauty press, competition sponsors, and 20 NTNA alums. Her win earned her the biggest prize package in the competition’s history.

:YOURS Loves Marian Newman

:YOURS got to work together with the Queen of Nails, Marian Newman. Marian has done tons of shows and worked together with too many fashion designers to list, you will be sure Marian’s designs will have your nails on point. Marian is known to be a global trendsetter, so get ready for next level trend setting nails.

yours loves tracey lee

:YOURS Loves Tracey Lee

Tracy Lee has just been added to the :YOURS designing team. This South-African/Dutch nailtech has earned her fame as an independent International Educator. She represents various companies at trade shows, international training sessions, conferences and competitions.

Maybe her biggest achievement so far was winning the NAILS Next Top Nails Artist competition 2017.


The :YOURS Loves CND™ stamping plates started with a little fling. But when the number one in the nail industry calls, you know you will be creating something awesome in a short period of time. And that’s exactly what happened. We created the very first :YOURS Loves CND™ stamping plate and shortly after there was a second :YOURS Loves CND™ stamping plate. With special thanks to Kelly Melanitou for going through this process.

yours loves nataliya

:YOURS Loves Nataliya

Nataliya has always been fascinated with nails and especially nail art. She always loved accesorizing them and change them whenever she could. So it did not take long before nails became a full time job. Nataliya wants to create beauty, and collaborating with us on plates is definitely one way to get it done!

Nataliya has been an CND™ Education Ambassador for quite some while now and is extremely happy that this allows her to share her passion for nails and inspire others to do the same.

:YOURS Loves John

John became a CND Education Ambassador in 2014 so he could challenge his creativity and share his passion for nails with others. John has been able to showcase his work at New York Fashion Week, “Nails” Magazine, “Scratch UK” Magazine and the on the cover of “Nail Pro” Magazine. As a CND Education Ambassador, John has travelled internationally to share his advanced technical skill and product knowledge to other aspiring nail professionals to help them to become greater in their own craft.

Yours Loves John
yours loves lecente

:YOURS Loves Lecenté

Two of the most hip and happening brands in nailart decided to join forces and create a beautiful set of four stamping plates ánd one brand new – limited edition!- glitter. :YOURS Loves Lecenté is here and it’s fabulous!
The stamping plate designs are composed and designed by Lecenté Glitter Queen Maria Cientanni and in close cooperation with :YOURS Cosmetics.
Both :YOURS and Lecenté strive to serve the nail professional with top quality, innovative and professional products.

:YOURS Loves Anna Lee

Anna has been a CND™ education ambassador since 2011 and runs a successful academy in London. In her first year as an EA, she was given the Services to the Nail Professional award from Sweet Squared. A key focus of her work is to connect and encourage the East Asian nail community in the UK; battling prejudice and misconception by providing them with support and education.
In 2014, she was honoured with The Tom Holcomb Shooting Star Award and in 2015, she took home the Scratch Awards Educator of the Year accolade. Both awards acknowledge Anna’s achievements and contribution to the nail industry.

yours loves anna lee

:YOURS Loves Dee

Dieuwertje ‘Dee’ Timmer was successful in The Netherlands with her own nail salon. After she became a CND™ Education Ambassador her focus started to shift to training stylists and hosting workshops which she is doing for :YOURS Cosmetics now. In 2013 she founded :YOURS Cosmetics together with Peter van den Bosch. :YOURS launched it’s first stamping products in 2015.

After successes for Sascha Gossen and Fee Wallace, Dieuwertje was eager to launch her own set of plates, which resulted in a set of plates known for it’s large, unique and complete designs. She delivers a new plate every season.

:YOURS Loves Fee

Fee Wallace was the first designer ‘abroad’ that :YOURS started working with. And it’s a succesful one! With her CND™ background and beautiful nailart tutorials on video, Fee already had quite a name in the U.K. After launching the first :YOURS Loves Fee stamping set in 2016 we realized exactly how big of name Fee is, inside and outside of the UK.

Fee is active as lead educator for Sweet Squared.

yours loves fee
yours loves sascha

:YOURS Loves Sascha

Sascha Gossen is the Dutch Stamping Queen. We started our first collaboration with Sascha in 2015. We launched the first :YOURS Loves Sascha stamps in August 2015. They became popular rapidly in The Netherlands and abroad, and meant the basis for all other collections you can find on this website.
Sascha has been a nail stylist since 2011. Within a year she was on the stage of the Dutch Championship French Manicure, after which she became an Eduction Ambassador for CND™.
Sascha is really passionate for nailart and decided to specialize in fast nailart for every salon. In 2015 this resulted in the collaboration with :YOURS. This made Sascha more popular abroad. In 2016 she became an Artistic Color EA for CND™ which enables her to focus more on design.