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:YOURS Loves Anna Lee
YOURS Loves Summer Days
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The Stamping Nailart Specialist

We are Yours. The stamping nailart specialist. You might know us for our popular :YOURS Loves… stamping collections, the collaborations we do with the best nailtechs in order to develop the most beautiful stamping plates. With those stamps you will create versatile and original nailart for your clients.

Each season we launch a new collection of stamping plates. Our latest collections are the :YOURS Loves Summer Days and the :YOURS Loves Autumn Noon collections. The :YOURS Loves Winter Wonders collection is coming soon.

Within those collections we collaborate with different designers from all over the world. We work with famous names like Sascha Gossen, Tracey Lee, John C. Nguyen, Maria Cientanni, Fee Wallace, Anna Lee, Nataliya al-Ta’ai en Dee Timmer. The latter is also co-founder of :YOURS.

More info on the designers can be found on the designers page.

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yours loves autumn noon
yours loves summer days stamping collection


Stamping without a proper stamper will be a challenge. That’s why you need the :YOURS HALO Stamper. It’s one of the best on the market because of it’s durable holder and the first class silicones that are used for the stamping head. Work with top quality products only, work with :YOURS.


Get your :YOURS scrapecard for free with a set of order a few seperately!

Video reviews

Need more info? Check out all the YouTube reviews that have been made of the :YOURS products. And get yourself educated with the tutorials in case you want to know more about it!