:YOURS Loves Sascha – Fine Marble (double sided)


:YOURS Loves Sascha – Fine Marble (double sided)

:YOURS Loves Sascha – Fine Marble. Check out this awesome double sided stamping plate! All these cool marble effects will definitely get your customers satisfied. And check out the spacy effects! Inspired by summer and nature.


:YOURS Loves Sascha

As a part of the Botanical Love collection, we present 4 double sided stamping plates. 2 of these were designed by Sascha Gossen, and 2 were designed by our founder, Dee.

In total we present:

Stamping plates:

  • :YOURS Loves Sascha – Fine Marble
  • :YOURS Loves Sascha – Butterfly Garden
  • :YOURS Loves Dee – Lovely Flowers
  • :YOURS Loves Dee – Going Wild

:YOURS Elements – Pearl Effect:

  • Pink Pearl
  • Green Pearl
  • Blue Pearl
  • Gold pearl

:YOURS Elements – Colour Effect:

  • Pink Lily
  • Bronze Heart
  • Pink Roses
  • Purple Lavender
  • Green Leaves
  • Blue Daisy
  • Yellow Bee
  • Orange Clownfish
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Red Lobster
  • Purple Dragonfly
  • Green Peacock
  • Blue Iris

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