:YOURS Loves Dee – Winterful


Winterful – :YOURS Loves Dieuwertje

Dieuwertje Timmer’s stampin plate is a powerful design perfectly suited for the holidays.


:YOURS Loves The Holidays

New! A stunning set of plates especially designed fort he holiday season! Four top stylists all created one stamping plate for this unique set of holiday plates. UK’s Fee Wallace, Dutch Sascha Gossen and Dieuwertje Timmer and one new mystery designer are responsible for these four beautiful plates.

The fourth plate, Fireworks, is designed by a mystery designer. The name of this designer will be announced in 2017, so stay tuned to find out who :YOURS Cosmetics is collaborating with for this explosive plate!

:YOURS Loves Fee – Hipster Giftwrap

Fee’s stamping plates are always something great to unwrap. This Hipster Giftwrap will turn any design into a present.

:YOURS Loves Sascha – Decorations

Sascha Gossen created a holiday plate with four versatile designs.

:YOURS Loves Dieuwertje – Winterful

Dieuwertje Timmer’s stamp is a powerful design perfectly suited for the holidays.

:YOURS Loves … – Fireworks

In 2017 the designer of this plate will be revealed. An exciting new collaboration between :YOURS Cosmetics and a new designer is in the making. Happy New Year!

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Dimensions8.6 × 5.4 × 0.05 cm