:YOURS Element – Powder Blue


:YOURS IRRIDAZZLING Glitter ‘Powder Blue’ – Elevate Your Nail Art with a Delicate Touch of Shimmering Blue

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:YOURS Element – Powder Blue

:YOURS Iridazzling

Discover the :YOURS IRRIDAZZLING Glitter in ‘Powder Blue,’ a charming and sophisticated addition to your nail art collection. This high-quality glitter is perfect for enhancing your nail designs with a subtle, yet eye-catching sparkle that captivates both professional nail artists and DIY enthusiasts alike.

‘Powder Blue’ is a soft, serene shade reminiscent of clear skies and tranquil waters. Its iridescent finish catches the light to create a mesmerizing, shimmering effect, adding depth and dimension to your nail art creations.

Designed to complement your imaginative designs, the :YOURS IRRIDAZZLING Glitter range pairs seamlessly with :YOURS stamping plates, stampers, and stamping polishes. Incorporate ‘Powder Blue’ into your nail art for a soothing touch, or mix and match with other IRRIDAZZLING glitters from the SPRING TIME collection, such as Living Coral, Candy Pink, Mystic Violet, and Minty Green, for a vibrant, multi-faceted look.

Experience the enchanting allure of :YOURS IRRIDAZZLING Glitter in ‘Powder Blue.’ Order today and unleash your creativity with this versatile, high-quality glitter!