:YOURS Element – Candy Pink


:YOURS IRRIDAZZLING Glitter ‘Candy Pink’ – Add a Sweet Touch of Sparkling Pink to Your Nail Art Creations

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:YOURS Element – Candy Pink

:YOURS Iridazzling

Introducing the :YOURS IRRIDAZZLING Glitter in ‘Candy Pink,’ a delightful and playful addition to your nail art supplies. This high-quality glitter is designed to infuse your nail designs with a charming pop of color and sparkle that will delight both professional nail artists and DIY enthusiasts alike.

‘Candy Pink’ is a cheerful, bright shade that evokes the sweetness of cotton candy and the warmth of springtime blossoms. Its iridescent finish beautifully reflects light, creating an enchanting, shimmering effect on your nails.

The :YOURS IRRIDAZZLING Glitter range is expertly crafted to enhance your creative nail art designs, effortlessly pairing with :YOURS stamping plates, stampers, and stamping polishes. Use ‘Candy Pink’ to add a touch of romance to your nail art or combine it with other IRRIDAZZLING glitters from the SPRING TIME collection, such as Powder Blue, Living Coral, Mystic Violet, and Minty Green, to achieve a dazzling, multi-dimensional look.

Embrace the charming allure of :YOURS IRRIDAZZLING Glitter in ‘Candy Pink.’ Order now and let your creativity shine with this versatile, high-quality glitter!