Stamping Polish Self Control


Stamping Polish Self Control

This stamping polish has an excellent quality and will actually last. The colors will cover each and every background, even black. And the color will remain the same like you see them in the bottle. If you like stamping, you need to add these to your equipment.

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Stamping Polish Self Control
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This stamping polish is a perfect addition to your stamping equipment.

Stamping polish like no other

This stamping polish will remain the same, exactly as you bought it and every background. Even on black, the stamping polish will keep it’s color.

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Stamping Polish Self Control

Buy your stamping polish at :YOURS Cosmetics. With these amazing stamping polishes, you will take your stamping skills to the next level. These will cover each and every background.

  • Buy your stamping polish at :YOURS
  • Will cover every color (even black)
  • The color will last

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