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  • :YOURS Loves Tracey – YLT08 – Drawing The Line

    Tracey Lee: “Those of you that have attended classes with me know that I cannot draw! Seriously, my nail looks like a toe, so the inspiration behind this was for those with similar limitations. Not only can these elements be used in a single color, they can also be colored in for a more impactful design. Use the designs with the horizontal lines to separate two colors across the nail and finish off your set with a squiggles of color on your other nails." As stamping has no limitations.
  • :YOURS Loves Tracey – YLT07 – Frame Of Mind

    Tracey Lee: “This is a personal favorite with a personal message from me to you! Frame of Mind is ideal for your vintage designs by using the passage of text as a background before layering it with a frame of your choice. You have the possibility to mix and match frames with power/personal messages to your client or simply use the oval frame as base for your self-made precious stone. " Create your own awesome self made frames!
  • :YOURS Loves Tracey – YLT06 – Afridisiac

    Tracey Lee: “I think it is quite easy to explain where my inspiration came from – my roots. South Africa was my home for 29 years. I wanted to incorporate various elements of tribal Africa in the plate, but in a way that users could really be artistic in their application. There is the possibility to layer landscapes, to create colourful geometric animals through inlay stamping or simply to use only the animal prints or patterns. The African sky is the limit!" Let's start layering and create some geometrics!
  • :YOURS Loves Tracey – YLT09 – The Line Up

    Tracey Lee: “The Line Up was designed for those nail pros in mind that have clients that would love something on their nails, but it shouldn’t been too much and should definitely not have any texture. Replace real chain with stamped chain, play with color by separating them with the belt buckle, and for the really daring – zip down the color on your nail exposing the natural nail! " Jewelry for anyone!
  • :YOURS Loves Tracey – YLT05 – Design Medley

    “This stamping plate has been inspired by Melli Mello. It offers a cross-cultural range of prints and patterns which when combined create interesting and fashionable designs. Use the elements individually or dare to layer to create your own “Design Medley”.” – Tracey Lee Let’s layer some designs! There is enough awesomeness over here to create the coolest design, please show us yours.
  • :YOURS Loves Tracey – YLT04 – Off the Cuff – 8719925720161

    “Creating uniform nail cuffs around the cuticle area can be a challenge, however this stamping plate makes it look so easy! Use every angle of the design to create awesome effects on your nails! Cuffs, corners, straight down the middle, let your imagination run wild! – Tracey Lee Finally it’s here! We think this plate speaks for itself, but we encourage you to get really creative with this one.
  • :YOURS Loves Tracey – YLT02 - In Good Hands

    The Hand of Fatima is a talisman symbolizing Feminine power. What better gift for Tracey to offer the users than a collection of strong, feminine designs hidden within this magical outline. The design offers several individual elements as accent on the nail or alternatively various designs for a full overlay. Let your feminine power guide you!
  • Shape Up!

    A collection of accents to pimp up any color or base design. Tracey has designed these elements to help you achieve the perfect moon on all you nails or the perfect line down the centre of all 10 nails. With a combination of these elements you can turn your base color into something quite chic and unique. It's time to shape up and get creative!
  • Face Facts Let's face facts - we all fall in love in different ways and express these feelings in different ways. Tracey has created this plate with several declarations of love to fit your personality. Stamp it out literally with words of passion, or more subtly with hearts and kisses. For those not in the love zone yet, this plate offers several other decorative elements to surprise your clients.