Discover the Winter Wonders now

2018-01-19T18:25:36+00:00 November 6th, 2017|Stamping, Yours|

Our now: the new :YOURS Loves Winter Wonders stamping plate collection! The winter 2018 stamping collection by :YOURS Cosmetics is a beautiful blend of designs. Three designers have given all their creativity for a collection with unique patterns suitable for all nails. The designers that created the :YOURS Loves Winter Wonders collection are John C. [...]

NEW! :YOURS Loves Autumn Noon

2018-01-19T18:25:36+00:00 August 28th, 2017|Stamping, Stamping, Stamping plates, Yours|

You know that feeling on an October afternoon? The sun is shining, it's getting a bit colder outside. You may walk the dog in the woods or go for a drink in your favourite coffee place. Those days have been the inspiration for the beautiful :YOURS Loves Autumn Noon collection. Arriving September 11!   [...]

Check out the Summer Days collection!

2017-06-05T16:13:24+00:00 June 19th, 2017|Stamping, Stamping, Yours|

A shining new collection of stamping plates by :YOURS Cosmetics. This Summer Days collection includes compositions by three different designers: Fee Wallace, Dee Timmer and John C. Nguyen! John is a new designer in the :YOURS family. As a CND™ Eduation Ambassador from Canada he has gained quite some fame with his unique style. A [...]

:YOURS Loves CND™ out now

2017-06-05T10:23:49+00:00 June 5th, 2017|CND, Stamping, Stamping, Yours|

:YOURS is collaborating with one of the biggest and best brands worldwide: CND™. The :YOURS Loves CND™ stamping plate is a unique composition based on the catwalk trends seen during the New York Fashion Week.  This plate is officially a CND™ product, which means you can't order it with us. We know you want it, so [...]

Summer Days collection coming up

2017-06-01T15:06:52+00:00 June 5th, 2017|Stamping, Stamping, Stamping plates, Yours|

On July 3 we will be launching a fresh new collection with 8 stamping plates. The :YOURS Loves Summer Days collections includes compositions by three different designers: Fee Wallace, Dee Timmer and John C. Nguyen! John is a new designer in the :YOURS family. As a CND™ Eduation Ambassador from Canada he has gained quite some [...]

New :YOURS HALO Stamper

2018-01-19T18:25:37+00:00 March 20th, 2017|Stamping, Stamping, Yours|

The groundbreaking see-through stamper by :YOURS! The HALO Stamper is a worthy successor of the CLASSIC Stamper: bigger and improved. The HALO Stamper is an indispensable must-have in your stamping collection. :YOURS HALO Stamper The HALO stamper consists of the following parts: An aluminium holder (and silicone with diameter 39 mm) which you can [...]

:YOURS en Lecenté™ collaboration

2018-01-19T18:25:37+00:00 February 10th, 2017|Lecente, Stamping, Stamping, Stamping plates, Yours|

:YOURS and Lecenté™ collaboration The most refreshing and innovating nailart brands are about to join forces in a unique brand collaboration. :YOURS and Lecenté™ will launch a set of four stamping plates and a limited edition glitter on February 25. The :YOURS Loves Lecenté™ stamping plates have been designed in collaboration with glitter queen [...]