We create awesome nail art products. By bringing you quality products that are :QUICK, :EASY and :FUN to use. And that’s pretty much it.
:YOURS originally started as a wholesaling company, selling well known brands to the professional. Once we started creating our own products (originally started with stamping plates), we found our passion and came to the conclusion this is what our energy and focus should be aimed at.
So that’s what :YOURS is currently doing. Thinking of, designing and creating products that will make a nail tech’s life better. We can’t elaborate on everything we are developing, but you can bet this is exciting.
We don’t tend to follow industry protocols, we love to think just a bit differently.
The current market is flooded with products that are a straight copy of what is already existing and do not add value. :YOURS is all about adding value.
Dee, Peter and the entire :YOURS team are at your service for any questions you may have on :YOURS and it’s products. So please get in touch if you have any questions on anything :YOURS.