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Boost Your Salon’s Revenue:

Tips for Selling Nail Art to Your Customers

Are you a master of nail art but struggling to sell your creations to salon clients?

There are various strategies for effectively selling nail art to your customers. Often, clients may not fully grasp the range of possibilities. Therefore, it’s essential to showcase the options available! This way, you can easily boost revenue in your salon.

Tip 1

What sells best? This might be an open door, but if you want to sell nail art to your costumers, you have to wear it yourself! If you show your customers the nail art on your nails, they will easily be convinced. So always make sure that your nails look stunning.

Tip 2

Second tip, showcase your nail art! Show your customers what the possibilities are. You could do this on showtips (like the picture), colorpops or a digital photo frame. To help your customers, it is easiest to show them designs, that are meant for 5 nails. And of course, show your nail art on your social media accounts. Be visible on your social media account, use specific hashtags (e.g., #yourscosmetics) to make it easy for people to find your creations.

Sometimes, you may not have much time in the salon to take photos of clients. Photos don’t always have to be of nails/hands; you can also use tips. You can create the tips in your own time and take photos at your leisure, editing them if necessary.

If you’re unsure where to find inspiration, check out our Instagram (@yourscosmetics) account, where we share many designs and quick tutorials to inspire you. You can save those posts to revisit later.

Tip 3

Make a clear price list. Don’t do free nail art. Of course, you can also run promotions with nail art to introduce people to it, but never do it for free! Charge what you’re worth. For example, if your hourly rate is 50,- and you spend 10 minutes stamping 10 nails, you can easily charge an extra 10,- for the treatment! It’s an easy way to earn extra money in your salon.

Once you’ve created a beautiful design, don’t forget to tag us with #yourscosmetics! We love to see your work, and maybe we’ll feature it in our stories.

So, grab your nail art supplies and make some beautiful nail art designs!


Lots of Love!

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