yours loves summer vibes set stamping plates
:YOURS Loves Summer Vibes
This summer 2018 stamping collection by :YOURS Cosmetics is another gem designed for your nail art collection. We invited three designers to come up with bold, unique designs. And they did it! Nataliya Al-Ta’ai, Fee Wallace and Dee Timmer are giving you a total of 8 stamping plates just do you are absolutely ready for this summer.
Nataliya did an amazing job on creating her first three stamping plates. Designs created with Nataliya’s stamping plates are being used in huge advertising campaign. We are absolutely sure you will love these next three.
We all love Fee and the designs she created for these collection are just fabulous. Fee is not just an incredibly talented nail artist, she is an incredibly talented artist. Hand drawing all her designs resulted in three amazing and unique plates. Enjoy them.
We also received two beautiful plates from our very own Dee. With 2 large designs you can pick out any element from the plate and create magic. Be sure to check out Dee´s quick and easy tutorials using many of your favourite products and get some inspiration.
Make this summer :YOURS and show us your creations.
:YOURS Loves Fee – YLF13 – Fineline Landscape
Yours Loves Fee - Fineline Landscape stamping plate
Fee on Fineline Landscape:
“In recent times I have fallen in love with the fine-line tattoo art style of drawing. Creating scenes from nature simplified and made more geometric, makes the lines, shapes and dots in this plate perfect for original and creative stamping nail art.”
:YOURS Loves Fee – YLF14 – Artful Aperture
:YOURS Loves Fee - Artful Aperture stamping plate
Fee on Artful Aperture:
“The three sections of designs on this plate were created with the idea of using multiple nail art techniques together. The patterns with a clear space in the centre surrounded by detail, work amazingly over glitter fades, explosions of neon colour, and as a frame for creating 3D jewels.”
:YOURS Loves Fee – YLF15 – Models of Magic
:YOURS Loves Fee - Models of Magic stamping plate
Fee on Models of Magic:
“The designs on this plate are all about fulfilling our most common stamping needs. I longed for the perfect spray of flowers, a new swatch of bridal lace, and some fine magical details fit for sparkling fairy-tail nails. I am particularly in love with the thickness of the lines on this plate, the scale of the designs is ideal for the art I want to create for my clients.”
:YOURS Loves Nataliya – YLN04 – Wild Soul
:YOURS Loves Nataliya Wild Soul stamping plate
Wild soul brought out the lion in Nataliya and the king of the jungle gave her the inspiration to create this awesome plate. Pick your details and make us of the possibilities.
:YOURS Loves Nataliya – YLN05 – Namaste
:YOURS Loves Nataliya Namaste stamping plate
Namaste is about paying respect and that’s exactly what Nataliya did when designing this absolutely beautiful stamping plate. We can’t wait to see what designs will come out of this.
:YOURS Loves Nataliya – YLN06 – Element of Fire
:YOURS Loves Nataliya Element of Fire stamping plate
Light up your nails with so many details to choose from. You can’t go wrong with this plate, it’s on fire.
:YOURS Loves Dee – YLD09 – Polish Perfect
:YOURS Loves Dee Polish Perfect stamping plate
Since I’m working day and night with bottles of polish, I somehow wanted to bring this alive and integrate it on a stamping plate. The main theme here is flowers, which I think is perfect for the summer. The details on the design are amazing, so I hope to see awesome designs coming from this plate!”
The :YOURS Loves Dee stamping plate  Polish Perfect is packed with flowery details surrounding a bottle of polish. Go and have some fun!
:YOURS Loves Dee – YLD10 – Dress to Impress
:YOURS Loves Dee Dress to Impress stamping plate
You just know it’s summertime when you’re surrounded by dresses, so this had to be the playing field. The dress is packed with some amazing designs which I can’t wait for to see on nails!”
The :YOURS Loves Dee stamping plate Dress to Impress will give your nails an outstanding look. The abstract lines will give your nails a great look.
GIFT! Cosmetics Bag
Considering purchasing the full set? We have a nice extra little gift for you in the form of a cosmetics bag. Very handy during the summer!
cosmetics bag with logo

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