Our now: the new :YOURS Loves Winter Wonders stamping plate collection! The winter 2018 stamping collection by :YOURS Cosmetics is a beautiful blend of designs. Three designers have given all their creativity for a collection with unique patterns suitable for all nails.
The designers that created the :YOURS Loves Winter Wonders collection are John C. Nguyen, Dee Timmer and debuting designer Tracey Lee.

Good old John

John C. Nguyen gained his first fame in the :YOURS Loves Summer Days collection, debuting with three stamping plates that are still popular today. He continued designing in his typical style, getting inspiration from everyday events.

Our own D

Dee Timmer is co-founder at the :YOURS Stamping and :YOURS Cosmetics branches and started designing stamping plates after :YOURS first started to produce plates in 2015. She has developed her own style, creating large, coherent designs with specific themes.

The latest addition

Tracy Lee has just been added to the :YOURS designing team. This South-African/Dutch nailtech has earned her fame as an independent International Educator. She represents various companies at trade shows, international trainings, conferences and competitions.
Maybe her biggest achievement so far was winning the NAILS Next Top Nails Artist competition 2017.

:YOURS Loves John – Floral Stitch

Not only snow and cosy festive knits make John’s heart beat, geometric patterns have always been an inspiration to him. So John created the Floral Stitch plate, with geometric patterns inspired by winter holiday decorations.

:YOURS Loves John – Winter Knits

Canadian winters are not complete without a big pack of snow. That is why John came up with Winter Knits, an unconventional twist on snow flakes.

:YOURS Loves John – Snow Fall

We do not ever see John wearing sweaters. But probably he does, because the Snow Fall plate is inspired by by cosy festive knit sweaters. A great plate to set off the winter collection!

:YOURS Loves Tracey – Face Facts

Let’s face facts – we all fall in love in different ways and express these feelings in different ways. Tracey has created this plate with several declarations of love to fit your personality. Stamp it out literally with words of passion, or more subtly with hearts and kisses. For those not in the love zone yet, this plate offers several other decorative elements to surprise your clients.

 :YOURS Loves Tracey – In Good Hands

The Hand of Fatima is a talisman symbolizing Feminine power. What better gift for Tracey to offer the users than a collection of strong, feminine designs hidden within this magical outline. The design offers several individual elements as accent on the nail or alternatively various designs for a full overlay. Let your feminine power guide you!
:YOURS Loves Tracey – Shape Up!
A collection of accents to pimp up any color or base design. Tracey has designed these elements to help you achieve the perfect moon on all you nails or the perfect line down the centre of all 10 nails. With a combination of these elements you can turn your base color into something quite chic and unique. It’s time to shape up and get creative!

:YOURS Loves Dee – Square

Dee knows it’s hip to be square,  so she delivered a straight forward stamping plate with many squares and some circles to corner it off.

:YOURS Loves Dee – Triangle

Many triangles filled with details are the basis of this stamping plate called triangle. Who dares to take this design as a tattoo?

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