A shining new collection of stamping plates by :YOURS Cosmetics. This Summer Days collection includes compositions by three different designers: Fee Wallace, Dee Timmer and John C. Nguyen! John is a new designer in the :YOURS family. As a CND™ Eduation Ambassador from Canada he has gained quite some fame with his unique style. A style we also find in his stamping plates in the :YOURS Loves Summer Days collection.
Fee Wallace has designed for :YOURS before and in this collection she committed to patterns especially for the HALO Stamper. Dee Timmer surprises us once again with two plates full of detail and graceful designs.
The :YOURS Loves Summer Days collection will inspire you for a long, hot summer with gorgeous nailart!

:YOURS Loves Dieuwertje – YLD05 – Deep Ocean

Put on diving glasses and descend to the deep blue sea. You will find sea animals with graceful patterns for you to use easily on the larger nails. Use your imagination and use the entire plate of just the crab of a part of the sea horse!

:YOURS Loves Dieuwertje – YLD06 – Tropical Vibes

If your not yet looking forward to your summer holidays, you will be now! Find yourself in a tropical place with this stamping plate with birds and plants.

:YOURS Loves John – YLJ01 – Kaleidoscope

John’s first plate is a succession of symmetrical patterns to create the mosaic of geometic designs.

:YOURS Loves John – YLJ02 – Psychedelic

You don’t need anything else to lose yourself in this stamping plate! Get lost in the trance of bold lines and graphic swirls of trippy designs.

:YOURS Loves John – YLJ03 – Skulligree

An imaginative composition of soft swirls and intricate filigree. The combination of patterns gives this plate a unique appearance.

:YOURS Loves Fee – YLF10 – Deco Dreams

On of Fee’s stunning new designs with straight lines, hard angles, triangles, cubes and a diamant.

:YOURS Loves Fee – YLF11 – Halo Elements

Designed for perfect use with the :YOURS HALO stamper. The size of the elements and the intermediate spacings enable you to just pick up the designs you need on the HALO stamper and stamp several nails without having to take more colour. Only three pick ups needed for all ten nails!

:YOURS Loves Fee – YLF12 – Hello Petal

The perfect example of Fee’s creativity, combining bows and sharp angels in a unique composition of patterns. Works great in combination with the :YOURS HALO Stamper.

Bio John C. Nguyen

John became a CND Education Ambassador in 2014 so he could challenge his creativity and share his passion for nails with others. John has been able to showcase his work at New York Fashion Week, “Nails” Magazine, “Scratch UK” Magazine and the on the cover of “Nail Pro” Magazine. As a CND Education Ambassador, John has travelled internationally to share his advanced technical skill and product knowledge to other aspiring nail professionals to help them to become greater in their own craft.

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The :YOURS Loves Summer Days will be available from July 3.

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