:YOURS and Lecenté™ collaboration

The most refreshing and innovating nailart brands are about to join forces in a unique brand collaboration. :YOURS and Lecenté™ will launch a set of four stamping plates and a limited edition glitter on February 25.
The :YOURS Loves Lecenté™ stamping plates have been designed in collaboration with glitter queen Maria Cientanni, one of Lecenté’s co-founders. The designs will be released at February 16, so stay tuned!

High quality and 100% satisfaction

The idea of collaborating was born when we met Maria in October 2016. Both brands are quickly expanding, refreshing nailart brands that pursue the highest quality and 100% customer satisfaction. After meeting Ged Cientanni (Maria’s brothers and also Lecenté™ co-founder) the intention was clear: let’s work together on a unique brand collaboration!
At :YOURS we are very proud to be associated with such an inspiring brand.