We have spent quite some time again with Sascha Gossen in order to create a fascinating new set of stamping plates. This sixth set is a versatile set of plates with original and surprising patterns. 
The sixth set of the :YOURS Loves Sascha collection is a versatile set of stamping plates designed by Dutch nail tech and CND™ Artistic Color EA Sascha Gossen. The set is manufactured by Yours Cosmetics in the Netherlands and contains four credit card sized stamping plates of top quality. The stamping collections produced by Yours Cosmetics are known for the top quality and large patterns with high level of detail. Other sets developed by Yours Cosmetics are the :YOURS Loves Fee collections with Fee Wallace and the :YOURS Loves Dieuwertje collections with Dieuwertje Timmer.

YS21: Lovely Liquids

Get ready to bubble with this stamping plate full of water drops, bubbles and paint splashes for some real distinctive nails.

YS22: Rhythmic Riddles

Use your imagination with this plate with four large patterns suitable for larger nails. The patterns are inspired by modern painters.

YS23: Gorgeous Gypsy

Sweet dreams with this hippy style plate with feathers, dreamcatchers, beads and a skull.

YS24: Peaceful Pleasure

We all wish for peace in our time and maybe this plate will make it happen. Use the peace signs and the sixties inspired patterns to spread the message!

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