While the people in the UK voted in favour of #Brexit we managed to strengthen our ties with the United Kingdom. Never waste a good crisis, isn’t that what politicians say? We are very proud to announce one of the top stamping queens from the UK is now part of Team Yours: Fee Wallace! 
The :YOURS Loves Fee collection will be available from August 1, 2016.
Yours Cosmetics and UK & ROI Lead Education Ambassador and International Team CND™ Educator Fee Wallace teamed up for a fashionable new collection of stamping plates: the :YOURS Loves Fee collection. The first set contains four credit card sized plates with a versatile range of patterns, developed by Yours Cosmetics in collaboration with Fee Wallace.

About Yours stamping collection

Yours Cosmetics started with the :YOURS Loves Sascha stamping collection in 2015. The success of the plates (20 plates in the :YOURS Loves Sascha collection currently available) went international. After launching the second collection (:YOURS Loves Dieuwertje) it was time to conquer the United Kingdom with help from the stamping queen in the UK: Fee Wallace.
This first set is the start of a new collaboration that will lead to many fresh designs to come and inspired people all over the world.
Fee Wallace: “I created this set of plates to reflect the style of nail design that I personally love and that my clients cry out for. The level of thickness and detail of each pattern was carfully considered to make these plates easy to use with multiple mediums, and look great on all lengths of nail.”

YLF01: Modern Geometry

Modern Geometry was inspired by Fee’s own love of alternative, street-style fashion.

YLF02: Twisted Garden

Twisted Garden came from a desire for beatifully classic, organic patterns that lend themselves so wonderfully to nail design.

YLF03: Mindful Mandala

Mindful Mandala was inspired by fractals, symmetrical balance, and Fee’s own hippy fashion sensibility.

YLF04: Vintage Lace

Vintage Lace was created to bring more possibilities for creating lace designs from delicately bridal to the dramatically gothic.

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