Today is the birthday of :YOURS co -owner and CND™ Education Ambassador Dieuwertje Timmer! A great day to announce that Dieuwertje will be launching her very own :YOURS Loves Dieuwertje stamping plate. A great complement to the succesful :YOURS Loves Sascha collections.
Dieuwertje has spent months creating the perfect design. And it quite worked out! The Butterfly Baby stamping plate is a fresh design with beautiful, graceful patterns, suitable for the entire nail. A big and fantastical design, made with an eye for the smallest details. Inspired by spring and the beauty of this season.
This is only the first stamping plate in the :YOURS Loves Dieuwertje collection. New plates will follow later this year.
The Butterfly Baby will be for sale somewhere in june, stay posted for the exact date!
Yours Loves Dieuwertje Butterfly Baby

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