:YOURS Summer Days collection

A shining new collection of stamping plates by :YOURS Cosmetics. This Summer Days collection includes compositions by three different designers: Fee Wallace, Dee Timmer and John C. Nguyen! John is a new designer in the :YOURS family. As a CND™ Eduation Ambassador from Canada he has gained quite some fame with his unique style. A style we also find in his stamping plates in the :YOURS Loves Summer Days collection.

Fee Wallace has designed for :YOURS before and in this collection she committed to patterns especially for the HALO Stamper. Dee Timmer surprises us once again with two plates full of detail and graceful designs.

The :YOURS Loves Summer Days collection will inspire you for a long, hot summer with gorgeous nailart!

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The groundbreaking see-through stamper by :YOURS! The HALO Stamper is a worthy successor of the CLASSIC Stamper: bigger and improved. The HALO Stamper is an indispensable must-have in your stamping collection.

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:YOURS Cosmetics: all you need for stamping nail art

:YOURS Cosmetics provides nailart professionals with the latest products and inspiration on nailart. Together with top stylists like Sascha Gossen, Dieuwertje Timmer, Fee Wallace, Maria Cientanni (for Lecenté) and British-Chinese Anna Lee we introduced some fresh and trendy sets of stamping plates: the :YOURS Loves … collections.

You will need our CLASSIC or HALO Stamper to start stamping.

The sets are being used by thousands of enthusiastic nailtechs all over the world. Are you next?

New collaborations, fancy designs and better products are being developed constantly. Keep in touch for the next collection by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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