:YOURS Loves Winter Wonders collection

The winter 2018 stamping collection is a beautiful blend of designs. Three designers have given all their creativity for a collection with unique patterns suitable for all nails.

The designers that created the :YOURS Loves Winter Wonders collection are John C. Nguyen, Dee Timmer and debuting designer Tracey Lee.

Next top nail artist

Tracy Lee has just been added to the :YOURS designing team. This South-African/Dutch nailtech has earned her fame as an independent International Educator. Maybe her biggest achievement so far was winning the NAILS Next Top Nails Artist competition 2017.

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The groundbreaking see-through stamper by :YOURS! The HALO Stamper is a worthy successor of the CLASSIC Stamper: bigger and improved. The HALO Stamper is an indispensable must-have in your stamping collection.

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:YOURS Cosmetics: all you need for stamping nail art

:YOURS Cosmetics provides nailart professionals with the latest products and inspiration on nailart. Together with top stylists like Sascha GossenDee TimmerFee Wallace, Maria Cientanni (for Lecenté™), British-Chinese Anna Lee, British Nataliya Al-ta’ai, Canadian John C. Nguyen and South-African/Dutch Tracey Lee we introduced some fresh and trendy sets of stamping plates: the :YOURS Loves … collections.

You will need our CLASSIC or HALO Stamper to start stamping.

The sets are being used by thousands of enthusiastic nailtechs all over the world. Are you next?

New collaborations, fancy designs and better products are being developed constantly. Keep in touch for the next collection by following us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Tune in and learn from the best

Our co-owner and renowned nailpro Dee Timmer has her own YouTube channel. Make sure you don’t miss on her updates! She provides you with tips, tricks and lots of inspiration for your stamping nail art.

Fee Wallace is one of our designers. With her remarkable talent to think outside the box she surprises with unique designs and beautiful, creative nailart. Go watch her channel on YouTube!

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